Sector: Christian/Church Schools and Education (School level)
Date Founded: January 2010

Head Of Organisation: Henning van der Walt
Position: COO

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Office Telephone: 012 991 3883
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Province: Gauteng
Street Address:
Doxa Deo, Atterbury Road and Olympus Drive
Faerie Glen, Pretoria
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TREE Strategy: TREE as a ministry is focused on the transformation of the individuals in the school. We therefore focus our ministry to the Headmasters, Teachers and Learners. When we started to ask the question on how we can better serve schools and even Universities, we concluded the best way is to address the health of the individuals in the school. To address the health of a school we identified the following areas: Healthy Spirituality: Focusing on the spiritual journey of each individual, helping them grow in relationship with God and dealing with their past. MODULES TO ACHIEVE THIS: • The CCI Bible Curriculum • Battlefield of the Mind for Teens / Children • Hills and Mountains (dealing with loss) • Doxa Deo Kids Curriculum • Kid Lead Program (Discipleship) • Kohin Programs (Discipleship and Teaching) Healthy Community: This part focus on stimulating healthy relationships between the learners, the learners and their parents, learners and teachers and lastly the relationship among the teachers in the school. It also focuses stimulating individuals to play active roles in their community in order to help create a healthy community. MODULES TO ACHIEVE THIS: • CCI Leadership Development Program (Gr.10-12) • Human Trafficking Awareness • Courage Program (ABBA Adoptions – identifying abuse and next steps to be taken) • Alcohol and Drug Program • Relationship Program • Bully Program • Training for Reigning (Course about boyhood [father and son process]) • Becoming a Lady (Father and daughter process) Healthy Purpose: Here the focus is on helping an individual find their purpose in live and helping them making life decisions with regards to subject choice as well as career options. We are there to guide and help discover, not make professional recommendations. • Power check (CCI & Xpand) • Heart line – Stewardship program • Kids in Ministry (KIM)


To transform educational environments.


• Christian/Church Schools and Education (School level) - We focus on creating a healthy school environment

• Community Development and Transformation - We focus to address the needs of a community through the school.

• Leadership Development - We focus on leadership development from Gr7-12

• Youth (secondary school & students) - We ministrer to the needs every teenager will be facing

• Children - We minister to children with an outcome based message

• Counselling and Therapy - We coach young people through their challenges.

• Discipleship - We believe in creating an environment where healthy relationships are build.

• Evangelism - We believe that the good news must be told to this generation.

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Doxa Deo, Kohin

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