Sector: Ecumenical Body

Head Of Organisation: Esme Bowers
Position: Chairperson

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The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, Jan Smuts Avenue
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* To witness to the uniqueness and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ as Creator, Lord, and Coming King * To affirm the inspiration and reliability of the biblical scriptures as the final authority in all matters of faith, ethics and practice. * To work together in mission, evangelism and renewal. * To labour for reconciliation, restitution, healing and development in our land. * To initiate combined study of theological issues and relevant research in our context, which will be helpful in furthering our work and witness as evangelicals. * To address from a combined posture and from a biblical point of view various issues in our land relating to church, state and society, which are of concern to Christians generally and evangelicals specifically. * To affirm and work for biblical values and ethics to inform public policy and national life in the new South Africa. * To network with the wider evangelical world and mutually cross-pollinate in order to enrich and strengthen our testimony. * To relate creatively to the broader Christian community on issues and matters of common concern. * To conduct any other business, discussion, study or action as may be deemed necessary from time to time in order to fulfil the requirement of evangelical witness in our country. * To carry on business, raise funds and collect contributions in South Africa for the furtherance of its objectives.


To provide a fellowship through which evangelical Christians in South Africa can work together in mission and evangelism, speaking when necessary with one voice on public issues.


• Advocacy and Awareness - TEASA works with churches to raise matters of concern with different stakeholders in government and media. Recently a church delegation met with policy advisors in the office of the presidency to raise concern about the Millennium Development Goals and our country’s progress on the health related MDGs.

• Justice - TEASA launched the religious liberty commission in 2010 in order to serve Christians around the world who suffer persecution for their faith.

• Leadership Development - The Theological Commission of TEASA exists to promote biblical truth – in word and practice, by networking theologians lay and professional – to serve the church in obedience to Christ.

• Evangelism - Led by Rev Karl Teichert, the evangelism commission envisions and equips churches for saturation church planting. Working through the Church planting alliance, the TEASA evangelism commission seeks to mobilize the Church toward planting a healthy church in every community in Southern Africa.

• Missions/Sending/ Outreach - TEASA works with churches promoting the conviction that the mission of the Church, modelled on what Jesus Christ taught, lived and demonstrated is one that is holistic. It holds together the spiritual and the material, words and works, the natural and supernatural – all with a view that people would be reconciled with the Maker

• Women - Mrs Esme Bowers convenes the Women’s Commission, geared at equipping women to take their rightful place in the Mission of the Kingdom.

• Children - The neglect of children by the Church generally is of concern to TEASA. This Commission works to sensitise the Church to the strategic value of Children’s ministry, in the light of the many challenges facing children. Dr Johannes Malherbe , a specialist in Children’s ministry, is the lead person in this Commission.

• HIV/Aids - TEASA seeks to build and extend a network of caring, HIV & AIDS competent churches that: 1) Are strong and flourishing communities of biblical faith. 2) Care not for only for their own members, but extend hope to the broader community.

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