Sector: Gender

Head Of Organisation: Dr Kunbi Laebedon (Pan African Cordinator) and Dr Nontando Hadebe - Chair for Southern Africa
Position: Co-coordinator

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To undertake research and publish theological literature written by African women with special focus on religion and culture. * The Circle is the space for women from Africa to do communal theology. Musa Dube, one of the Circle theologians, asserts that "... a circle of women describes those who are seated together, who are connected and who seek to keep the interconnectedness of life" * The Circle members are women who are rooted in Islam, Christianity, Judaism and African Indigenous Religions. They are indigenous African women and also African women of Asiatic and European origins. These concerned women are engaged in theological dialogue of the cultures, religions, sacred writings and oral stories that shape the African context and define the women of this continent. The Circle members attempt to reflect together onjustice across boundaries of gender, faith and belief


African women’s theologies are a critical, academic study of the causes of women oppression; particularly a struggle against societal, cultural and religious patriarchy. They are committed to the eradication of all forms of oppression against women through a critique of the social and religious dimensions both in African culture and Christianity. African women’s theologies take women’s experiences as its starting point, focusing on the oppressive areas of life caused by injustices such as patriarchy, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, capitalism, globalisation and sexist. It sees a need to include the voices of all women, not just theologians, because it acknowledges that the majority of African women are engaging in oral theology (Phiri 2004:156).


• Women

• HIV/Aids

• Gender

• Ecumenical Body

• Advocacy and Awareness

• Research & Development

• Justice

• Teaching and Training (tertiary/ adult/community level)

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