Sector: Women
Date Founded: June 2010

Head Of Organisation: Peter Grant
Position: Co-Director

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Office Telephone: 020 894 37706
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Province: National
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* to promote healthy relationships; * to raise the profile of VAW within churches; * to challenge church leaders to speak out; * to promote prayer to end VAW; * to bring together and develop biblically-based materials that help those seeking to end VAW; * to influence the media and culture to make VAW unacceptable; * to engage men, including reformed perpetrators, to campaign on VAW issues; * to help members develop programmes and access funding resources and * to campaign for legal reform, end impunity and access to justice for survivors * to document and highlight within the development community the work of churches to end VAW


God’s plan for the universe is to bring about, through Jesus Christ, a transformed creation wholly governed by God, from which all evil, violence and suffering will be banished and in which God will live with redeemed humanity for ever. The presence and hope of the kingdom of God shape and motivate our mission through compassionate service and active pursuit of justice and peace.


• Advocacy and Awareness - Raise awareness on the incidence of VAW in the church and how the church can be a vehicle for change and support for survivors.

• Women - Work to promote healthy realtionships and respect to all women

• Men

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