Sector: Social Ministries & Social Development

Head Of Organisation: Rev. Jean-Ray Knighton Fitt
Position: Executive Director

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Office Telephone: 031 266 8830
Office Email:
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Street Address:
17 Langford Road,
Postal Address:
P. O. Box 165,
Westville, Durban


To break the cycle of poverty in Africa through well organised, transparent and sustainable programs focusing on the holistic well being of each individual. Mobilising and aligning local churches to reach out with practical compassion to empower, transform and redeem communities.


CAST’s main intention is to help community churches in poor communities to find meaningful ways to bring the gospel and social transformation to people in their neighbourhoods. The key to this process is developing solutions together and helping to resource and develop the projects in the long term.


• Children - To rescue the cognitive potential of learners through training and support programmes which will help them grasp key concepts, and reduce obstacles to future success.

• Community Development and Transformation - Our approach to working in these communities is a wholistic strategy dealing with not the symptoms, but the causes of the issues we deal with. We work closely and transparently with businesses, churches, communities and organisations with a common interest is breaking the cycle of poverty wherever we are empowered to work.

• Job Creation & Skills Development - Our Local Economic Development programmes aim to create opportunities for people to find employment, develop businesses and further their careers so as to earn a liveable income and provide for their families.

• Sport & Recreation - To combat issues such as HIV/AIDS, fatherlessness, drug abuse, lack of education, and poverty, CAST’s Sports Ministry focuses on whole life coaching.

• Youth (secondary school & students) - Our goal is not that mentors would solve all their mentees' problems, but rather that mentors would empower their mentees to solve their own problems.

• Disaster/Relief Response: Nature and Human - We provide short term crises relief due to fire, flood, etc

• Poverty - We work with our partner churches to identify those living in poverty in a target area. We then visit each family and, using a digital tool called the Poverty Stoplight Survey, we identify their level of poverty and work on action plans with the family to assist them in moving out of poverty.

• Church Denomination, Organisation, Group, Family or Movement - We mobilise and equip local churches for compassionate action among the poor in their communities.

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