Sector: Community Development and Transformation
Date Founded: December 1999

Head Of Organisation: Marlene Freislich
Position: Executive Director

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Office Telephone: 082 332 2581
Office Email:
Province: Gauteng
Street Address:
POPUP, 3 Skietpoort Avenue
Salvokop, Pretoria
Postal Address:


To achieve our vision through: - Personal Restoration and Life Skills. - Affordable teaching and learning. - Job placement and Entrepreneurship. - The provision of medical and social support services.


Transforming lives for community impact. Empowering the Disempowered.


• Poverty - As an organisation, POPUP is in a position where we are giving hope to thousands of people as a result of our successful skills programmes. People are given opportunities to obtain skills which will enable them to find employment or start their own enterprise and rise from the terrible conditions caused by poverty and other circumstances such as crime and addiction.

• Welfare - Soup Kitchen; food programme; clothing store; POPKids Salvokop Day Care Centre

• Job Creation & Skills Development - Lliteracy development; skills training; job placement; enterprise development; and self-sustainability

• After School Study Programme - Potential learners should be between 18 and 45 years of age, unemployed, with no access to tertiary education

• Adult Education - Skills Programmes in English, Maths, Computers, reading, writing

• Health - Medical, dentist, eye care services and HIV testing and counselling

• Community Development and Transformation - We firmly believe that transformation takes place from a holistic point of view, impacting the heart, hand and mind of the individual in such a way as to transform them from the inside out

• Early Childhood Development - Assistanting in a nursery school, crèche and day care centre development

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