Sector: Leadership Development
Date Founded: September 1998

Head Of Organisation: Dr. Barbara Louw
Position: Founding member and Chief Executive Officer

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Office Telephone: 083 700 1441
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Province: Gauteng
Street Address:
Inter Trauma Nexus,
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1347,
Menlyn Central, Pretoria


The main object of the company is to create and maintain a multi-professional support group for the community, by the community, by recruiting psychologists, social workers, legal advisors, church leaders, business advisors, and volunteers for the community to serve as an effective and self-reliant support/ empowering system.


To help people find hope and become victorious by helping them to make informed decisions.


• Courses & Seminars (short) - Skills develeopment course related to professional and personal development. This includes counselling; pastoral; management; governance and ethical skills.

• Counselling and Therapy - Trauma counselling; pastoral counselling and employee assistance/wellness services.

• Entrepreneurship & SMMEs - Training on how to start a business/private practice; practice and risk management.

• Teaching and Training (tertiary/ adult/community level) - Training for professional and personal development for pastors; counsellors, educators and community members.

• Resources (general) - Trauma Counselling; Ad Hoc Trauma Relief Facilitation for companies/organizations.

• Leadership Development - Counselling; pastoral counselling; supervision and coaching.

• Organisational Development/Capacity Building of Organisations - Corporate governance and ethical management practice/s training and advice services

• Spirituality - Pastoral counselling; coaching; supervision and training (CPD awarded)

Networks or Memberships

Directors are members of various professional bodies and organisations, including ACRP; CPSC; EAPA-SA; Aquilla Training and financial services regulatory authorities.

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Wholistic Wellness Coaching Model By Dr Barbara Louw

Description: Dr Barbara Louw's studies focused on various aspects of counselling and wellness. She research posttraumatic stress reaction and posttramatic embitterment extensively and developed a coaching model for counsellors. There are various workshop about the detail of the model; how to apply and use the coaching model. This diagramme of the model is downloadable free of charge from Available in English and Afrikaans.