Sector: Ecumenical Body
Date Founded: January 1990

Head Of Organisation: Renier Koegelenberg
Position: Executive Director

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Office Telephone: 021 880 1734
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Province: National
Street Address:
26 Longifolia Street,
Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch
Western Cape
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In pursuit of its vision, the EFSA Institute promotes dialogue and consensus between different sectors and role-players (religious, academic, political, business, media, community organisations) on the challenges facing our diverse society. The institute strives to play a facilitating role by providing a platform for the public debate of issues – even controversial issues – thus focusing public attention on specific problems in society. The interaction between reflection (via dialogue) and practical service delivery (via concrete project implementation) has and continues to enrich all our programmes. We challenge the church and religious sector, government, business and civil society to respond to public issues and challenges that are important for the entire South African society via our methodology.


The EFSA Institute was founded in 1990 with the support of a special grant from the Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) in Hannover, Germany. The institute was founded with the vision to create an ecumenical academy that can serve as forum and platform to bring different sectors and role-players together to reflect on the main challenges that a divided South African society was facing. In general, the focus was placed on the public responsibility and developmental role of the church and theology in the transformation of society. As part of this focus, the contribution of the church and theology had to be located within the broader public debate on national issues.


• Advocacy and Awareness

• Health

• Justice

• Research & Development

• Strategic Networks and Partnerships

• Environment

• HIV/Aids

• Gender

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