Sector: City/Town/Region Network
Date Founded: January 2011

Head Of Organisation: Linda Morrison
Position: CEO

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Office Telephone: 031 303 9063
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Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Street Address:
We Are Durban , 113 Florida Road
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•To bring about sustainable upliftment to those in great need in Durban by providing volunteers to many social justice related organisations •To create events that highlight the need in Durban so that people start to see that they are the solution to Durban’s social injustices. Every person has a role to play. •To create a vehicle to present a united front against poverty, unemployment and marginalisation by partnering with various organisations across Durban who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis. •To raise funds, both locally and internationally, and to allocate these funds to support a range of activities of a humanitarian nature aimed at improving the lives of the poor, sick and / or ‘lost’ sectors of primarily Durban, South African, communities. •To provide a legal structure through which funds can be sourced and channeled to fund the capital expenditure or events which impact the organisation


Imagine Durban without people living on the streets, struggling to find food or shelter. Imagine Durban where all are employed and have a sense of purpose in their lives. A city with very little crime. A city that is renowned in Africa and the world for embracing diversity and the marginalised and bringing about sustainable change. This is the Durban we see possible. This is the potential we see in Durban. This is why WE ARE DURBAN.


• Church Vitalisation

• Justice

• Strategic Networks and Partnerships

• Advocacy and Awareness

• Community Development and Transformation

• Urban Development

• Business/Market Place

• Organisational Development/Capacity Building of Organisations

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