Sector: HIV/Aids
Date Founded: January 2001

Head Of Organisation: Aneleh Fourie Le Roux
Position: Executive Director

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Office Telephone: 021 873 0028
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Province: National
Street Address:
69 Church Street,
Western Cape
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 16,
Western Cape


CABSA motivates and assists the Church to bring transformation in the areas of health, well-being and gender equality in a world affected by HIV.


Caring Christian communities that are able to bring new life and hope in the areas of health, wellbeing and equality in a world affected by HIV.


• Advocacy and Awareness - CABSA creates awareness of the individual, community and systemic drivers and issues around the HIV pandemic, in order to move faith communities to HIV involvement and competence. CABSA stands in the gap for people living with HIV and encourages and strengthens the voices of those who are not heard. CABSA is particularly involved in advocacy on genderbased violence through the Thursdays in Black campaign

• HIV/Aids - CABSA believes in the incredible potential of faith communities to address the challeges of the HIV epidemic and aims to equip faith leaders to HIV competence through all the organisations projects and services

• Gender - The challenges of gender and GBV and HIV are interrelated in complex ways and CABSA focuses on adressing these issues coherently and comprehensively from a faith perspective

• Resource Centre - CABSA ensures that HIV role players in the faith based sector have access to accurate and reliable information to inform the programmes and activities. This is done mainly through the CARIS programme, but is an integral part of all CABSA services and activities. We manage a comprehensive online resource centre at and physical resources centre in our offices in Randburg and Wellington

• Teaching and Training (tertiary/ adult/community level) - Training and Workshops in the “Churches, Channels of Hope” programme equips participants with the appropriate attitudes, knowledge and skills to be channels of hope and assist faith communities in their journeys towards HIV competence.

• Networking - As CABSA is widely seen as a significant role-player in the faith based sector, the organisation is ideally positioned to play a key networking role amongst Christians and Christian communities working in the HIV arena. This is crucial to strengthen the response of the Christian sector, to prevent duplication and to share resources.

• Courses & Seminars (short) - Various workshops and presentation on HIV, gender and genderbased violence

• Congregations - Equipping church leaders

Networks or Memberships

WCC-EAA, WACC, We Will Speak Out SA, ARCP various local forums and networks

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