Sector: Youth (secondary school & students)
Date Founded: January 2009

Head Of Organisation: Philip Geldenhuys
Position: CEO

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Office Telephone: 021 882 8675
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Province: Western Cape
Street Address:
21 Rustenberg Road,
Western Cape
Postal Address:


Even the biggest challenges seem smaller when we take a step closer, roll up our sleeves and take action. By investing in the social and emotional well-being of learners, Community Keepers create supportive school communities where learning and development can prosper. We establish ourselves at schools, where we deliver professional services to learners, educators and parents. We build long-term relationships and help individuals, their families and communities to step up.


• Children

• Values & Character Building

• Community Development and Transformation

• Family Life, Marriages & Parenting

• Courses & Seminars (short)

• Poverty

• Strategic Networks and Partnerships

• Youth (secondary school & students)

Networks or Memberships

usiko; khula; ABBA Stellenbosch; Western Cape Government; The Joy Project; Child Welfare South Africa - Stellenbosch; Good Hope Psychological Service

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