Sector: Christian/Church Schools and Education (School level)
Date Founded: January 2006

Head Of Organisation: Mrs Maria Thiel
Position: Principal

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Office Telephone: 082 891 6308
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Province: Gauteng
Street Address:
Squirrel Turn Street,
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Bridgeway High School was established in 2006. We strive to provide academic excellence as we equip the learners with tools that enable them to be a success in life as well as significant in the community and workplace. A core focus at Bridgeway High School is Design, and more specifically, the design-thinking process. We believe that design not only develops creative intelligence and vital life skills, but moulds our learners to become leaders that impact our country through innovation, entrepreneurial skills and proactive problem solving. These areas focus on social, cultural, environmental and economic factors. The learners at Bridgeway High School are part of the school but more importantly, are part of a family that encourage one another to strive for greatness and positively partake in team work. These team activities include talent shows, schools camps, fundraisers, community outreach programmes, theatre productions and workshops with leading design institutions such as Greenside Design Centre in collaboration with Terrestrial, an award-winning design agency.


• Children

• Youth (secondary school & students)

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