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Community development for poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives, by means of DANCE and other forms of cultural expression and the promotion of community-based projects relating thereto, and collaboration with other likeminded organizations, in pursuit of these objectives. Youth development programs with a particular focus on DANCE as an art form and a medium for development and education. We want to create a loving, caring, vibrant, creative, passionate, honest, outstanding community in Durban. At it’s heart, City Celebration is interested in seeing young men and women from all walks of life find stability, a sense of worth, dignity, and life abundantly! DANCE is an inspiring and creative way to educate, not only empowering others to rise above poverty, crime, abuse, racial discrimination, sickness and other such conflicts within our city but can also teach youth basic principles of discipline, value systems and the ability to operate in an ever changing social environment. We would like to help create an atmosphere in which youth work towards creating a better quality of life for themselves and for those around them. City Celebration is proud to showcase dancers from all ethnic, cultural, gender and age variations celebrating Durban’s cultural heritage through different DANCE styles.


• Community Development and Transformation

• Youth (secondary school & students)

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