Sector: Business/Market Place
Date Founded: January 1990

Head Of Organisation: Dr. Stephan Pretorius
Position: Visionary Leader

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Office Telephone: 018 297 6588
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Province: National
Street Address:
Plot 530 88 M C Roode Street, Vyfhoek
North West
Postal Address:
PO Box 19460,
North West


We touch Africa with a vision that makes a tangible difference.


We are a non-profit organisation with a vision to contribute to sustainable growth and development in Africa, to ultimately realize the full potential and calling of Africa on a global scale.


• Agriculture & Rural Development - Services that our kingdom minded network members offer.

• Business/Market Place - We have a network of kingdom minded entities that are taking hands throughout southern Africa with a wide spread of projects. We bring solutions to challenges. We link people and projects in need of support through the use of funders or expertise.

• Disaster/Relief Response: Nature and Human - Our story includes many changed lives from projects implemented to supply water and other services to communities. Current projects include drought relieve, sanitation and dolomite investigations

• Job Creation & Skills Development - Our BEEP project is a program that will empower entrepreneurs to become a sustainable contributor to the business sector – the Broad Enterprise Empowerment Program

• Community Development and Transformation - as a network of vision oriented individuals, organisations and institutions, social to corporate enterprises and business entities that associates themselves with the heart of Touching Africa.

• Networking - A network of like-minded individuals, organisations and a variety of corporate to social enterprises all with a shared vision to make a difference in our African society.

• Congregations - Congregations

Networks or Memberships

Touching Africa Network

TA North West

Address: 88 MC Roode,
VYFHOEK PLOTTE, Potchefstroom, North West

Website: View Site
Contact Number: 0182976588

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TA North West

Address: 88 MC Roode
VYFHOEK PLOTTE, Potchefstroom, North West

Website: View Site
Contact Number: 0182976588

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