Pray for Swaziland




Pop 1.2 million. Capital Mbabane (75,000). Christians 1 mill. Evangelical Christians 302 ,000. Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Non-religious. Largest Ethnic Groups Nguni (91.9 %), Other Bantu (4%), Afrikaner (1.4%). Offi -cial Languages siSwati, English. All Languages 8. Economy An agricultural economy, but some mineral production and manufacturing. Majority of trade with South Africa. Droughts and floods affect the land. The high AIDS rate affects the economy. Politics A British protectorate (1899 -1968). Now a strong monarchy with a democratic government based on a disputed constitution, which was only signed in 2005 . The monarchy’s excessive wealth in a poor country presents a difficult issue.

More About

1) HIV/AIDS devastated the population of this country, and the society lacks a young adult workforce. Reports say 26-40% of adults are HIV positive. Others claim that life expectancy is as low as age 32. Many times the eldest sibling leads a household of orphans. Talk about ministry and evangelism in Swaziland is not helpful if HIV/AIDS is not also addressed. Pray for treatment of the sick. Genuine Christian love, demonstrated in practical and gracious ways, could win many to the Lord. All churches must address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of AIDS sufferers.

 2) Christians sowed the gospel for 160 years, and now a strong evangelical community makes up 25%? of the population! Swaziland has a solid core of believers and regular church attenders. But too many other Christians live the same way as non-Christians. Some churches confuse the gospel with witchcraft and ancestor worship. Most believers are female – pray for men to be drawn into the Church. Pray for God’s Spirit to bring revival. The young people of Swaziland have little opportunity to be young. Poverty, unemployment, and AIDS shorten their youth. Pray for godly models and mentors for them.