Pray for Guinea




Pop 10.3 million. Capital Conakry (1.7 mill). Christians 461,000. Evangelical Christians 75 ,000. Largest Religion Muslim. Fastest Growing Religion Christian.Largest Ethnic Groups West Atlantic (45.8%), Mande (42 .7%), Mande-Fu (9.2 %). Official Language French. Major local languages: Fulbe,Malinke, Susu, Kissi, Guerze, Tome. All Languages 38. Economy Huge potential from mineral deposits, fertile land, and good water supply. But corruption and mismanagement have led to poverty, riots, and demonstrations. Politics Independent from France in 1958. Marxist regime from 1984, then one president for 24 years. Eventual transition to a civilian government with democratic elections since 2010.

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1 Praise God for Guinea’s long but peaceful transition to democracy from 1984. It remained more stable than nearby countries, and served as a refuge for those who fl?ee war and violence. Freedom exists for Christian witness and missionary activity. Repression under the Marxist regime made Muslims more receptive to Christianity, although intolerance recently increased in certain areas. 2 Christians make up a small minority of the population. Most live in Conakry and the southeast forests. The Church declined around 15 years ago. Evangelism and church planting slowed down, and less-committed Christians left the faith. Guinea has 3 Bible schools and 6 leadership training schools, but still lacks Christian leaders. 43% of the population are under age 15. Pray for believers who will persevere, and pray against the enemy who seeks to destroy young or weak Christians before they can grow. 3 Missions vision. More than 20 evangelical missions serve the unreached with wonderful unity and coordination. A small, young, indigenous mission movement serves the nation as well. Out of more than 40 people groups, only a few have no church-planting work among them! Work among Muslim peoples increased. Guinea still needs pioneer missionaries because it is a diffi?cult field. Pray for strength, health, and perseverance for those brave enough to answer God’s call. Pray for more missionaries, especially to the Muslim groups. 4 Guinea remains largely unreached, and requires much prayer for a major breakthrough. 

• Malinke. SIM International helped create worship music composed and recorded by Malinkes. Radio ministry now needs to be revived. A few Malinke churches exist, with Malinke leaders.

• Fulbe, or Futa Jalon. This people serve as guardians of Islam across West Africa. A small number of believers grows through e?fforts of mission agencies who work together. New believers struggle to break free from the social and spiritual bonds of Islam. • Susu. 3 small Susu churches operate in or near Conakry, and a few believers live in the southern interior near the Guinea-Bissau border. Workers just finished the New Testament translation and recorded audio Scriptures. Pray for many to receive and hear the Word of God! • The forest region. It received many thousands of refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone, and needs special prayer. Some ex-rebels in the area promote an aggressive form of Islam, which creates tension with the native Kpelle people (which includes many Christians).