Pray for Niger




Pop 15 .9 million. Capital Niamey (1 mill). Christians 52 ,000. Evangelical Christians 22 ,000. Largest Religion Muslim. Fastest Growing Religion Muslim. Largest Ethnic Groups Hausa (43 .2%), Songhai ( 29.3%), Fulbe/Fulani (10.4%), Tuareg/Tamacheq (9 %), Kanuri-Saharan (4.8%), Other Sub-Saharan African (1.7%), Arab (1.4%). Official Language French. Hausa used widely. All Languages 21. Economy One of world’s poorest nations. Most barely survive on subsistence agriculture and livestock. Droughts and locust plagues cause further problems. Uranium deposits could bring future income. Dependent on aid and IMF loans. Politics Centuries of Tuareg domination in the Sahel, followed by French colonial rule (1921-1960). Since then a series of military coups and periods of democratic rule. Intermittent Tuareg insurgency.

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1) This Muslim land and its people are open for the gospel. Many previously unreached people groups now have their first believers, and pastors (converts from Islam themselves) lead most congregations! Still, Islam dominates the land, and strict, aggressive Muslim groups increase. Pray that Niger may remain open for Christian mission, and that the Lord would remove every barrier to the knowledge of Him. The spiritual effects of folk Islam and demonic oppression hinder many from following Christ.

 2) Christianity grows, but people come into the Kingdom by a trickle. Pray for the trickle to become a flood! Pressure to stay in Islam, or return to it, prevents many from following Christ. New believers feel isolated. Pray for groups to form, even if small, for those who need fellowship with other believers.

 3) All parts of the country still need missionaries. Niger is one of the world’s least-developed countries. Christian missionaries have ministered in love here (through aid, development, health, education), and won respect for the gospel. Pray for more labourers. Medical ministry and mission hospitals provide for critical needs. CAPRO reaches out to the many prostitutes in the capital, but they need more workers and funds. The government cannot afford to educate all children, so many (especially girls) receive no schooling. Various agencies run schools that offer education and opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ. Pray for more Christians to embrace this opportunity to serve Niger!

4) Least-reached peoples:

 • Th e Tuareg/Tamacheq once held riches, but now live in poverty due to drought, famine, and political changes. Seless, holistic ministry led to several groups of believers among them!

 • The Zarma follow Islam, but also maintain many of their traditional practices. Only a few hundred among them follow Christ.

• The Kanuri peoples have a 1,000 -year-long history of Islam. Some consider them resistant to the gospel, but they are receptive to sensitive witness. Pray for whole families and villages to follow Christ.

 • The Songhai have very few Christians among them. Some missions serve them, but the work is difficult because this strongly Muslim people regard converts as traitors.