Pray for Equatorial Guinea




Pop 693,000. Capital Malabo (131,000). Christians 624,000. Evangelical Christians 30,000.Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Muslim. Largest Ethnic Groups Mainland Fang ( 57.2 %), Islands Bubi(10.3%), Yoruba (8.3%), Igbo (4.2 %), Spanish (3%), Eurafrican (2 .5 %), Hausa (2 .1%). Official Languages Spanish, French. All Languages 14. Economy Prosperous until independence (1968), then mismanagement brought economic ruin by 1979. Offshore petroleum deposits discovered in 1995 transformed the economy. One of the world’s highest per capita incomes. A small minority hold wealth, but most continue in poverty. Corruption is a problem. Politics Independent from Spain in 1968. The subsequent atheist regime turned the country into a virtual slavelabour camp, one of the worst human rights abusers in Africa. A multiparty government system formed in 1991, but greater freedoms for opposition parties still needed.

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1) Equatorial Guinea faces an unusual political and economic situation. Large oil reserves make a small minority very rich. Western oil companies work with a regime whose, human rights record is poor, in order to increase profits. Corruption means that most of the people do not benefit from such wealth. Pray for economic justice and wise stewardship. The oil boom brings in foreigners, both Christian and Muslim. Pray that expat believers might engage with the spiritual and physical needs of the nation. Pray that foreign companies might do business in ways that bene t the local people.

 2) Religious freedom increased since the brutal persecution of the 1970s. Equatorial Guinea has the highest percentage of Roman Catholics of any African nation. But beneath the surface, most people never abandoned their animistic beliefs and practices. Pray that the 85% who claim Christianity might hear and respond to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Several newer Pentecostal, charismatic, and evangelical denominations grow well. Pray for purity of life and commitment to evangelism, even in times of poverty, corruption, and despair. The government actually now sees a positive role for the Church and missions in society!