Pray for Zambia




Pop 13.3 million. Capital Lusaka (1.5 mill). Christians 11.5 mill. Evangelical Christians 3.4 mill. Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Muslim.Largest Ethnic Groups Bemba (30%), Tonga (11.8%), Nyanja (10.7%), Lozi (5 .7%), Nsenga (3.4%), Nyiha (3.6 %), Tumbuka (2.5 %), Kaonde (2 .3%), Lunda (2 .1%), Lala (2%), Foreign origin (1.7%), Khoisan (Bushmen) (0.5 %). Official Language English. Trade languages Bemba and Nyanja spoken by large segments of population. All Languages 72 , including dialects. Economy Copper mining and refining remain the major sources of foreign exchange. Agriculture employs many workers. Corruption, AIDS, lack of sea access, and debt drive economy downward. Some opportunities come with investment from China and India, and from natural resources. Politics Independent from Britain in 1964. Single-party state until 1991. Since then multiparty elections. Corruption continues despite efforts to change.

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1) Zambians widely accept Christianity, even in public institutions and the media. Evangelicals grew from 3.8% in 1960 to 25.7% in 2010. Former president Chiluba declared Zambia a Christian nation in 1991, and Zambians practise freedom of all religions. Zambia enjoys a legacy as a stable and peaceful nation surrounded by countries troubled by war and unrest. But national transformation along biblical lines still has not come. Too few know the Word of God, or how to live a Christian life. Superstitions and occult practices open the door for the enemy to work evil in people’s lives. Pray for Christians to live pure and holy lives that depend on God alone for spiritual power and blessing. Pray that Zambia will truly be a nation that honours God.

 2) The nation must tackle poverty and its causes. Up to 86% of the population live below the poverty line, and as many as half of all children are malnourished. Over 100,000 die from AIDS-related health issues every year. All major denominations adopted policies to combat the spread of AIDS and to assist those infected. Praise God that compassion and action now replace much superstition and bad information about AIDS. Zambia has 710,000 orphans, mostly due to AIDS. Over 90,000 live on the streets. 75% of Zambian homes care for a relative orphaned by AIDS. Many agencies help through development, healthcare, education, job training, microfinance, and more.

 3) Evangelical congregations thrive and grow. Many evangelical believers live in the northwest, and among the Tonga peoples of the south. The large Church among the Nyanja peoples in the east also continues to grow. Pray for more churches among the Lozi and southwestern peoples, and among the Bemba and northern peoples. Many call themselves Christian, but do not practise their faith. Others participate in sects or indigenous churches that mix biblical faith with traditional beliefs and practices that dishonour God. Zambian believers need truly African, truly biblical ways to worship God and practise their faith.