Pray for Chad




Pop 11.5 million. Capital N’Djamena (829 ,000).Christians 4.4 mill. Evangelical Christians 1.2 mill. Largest Religion Muslim.Fastest Growing Religion Muslim.Largest Ethnic Groups A complex mix of 150 or more peoples. Sara-Bagirmi ( 23.8%, 17 peoples), Chadic(17. 9%, 51 peoples), Arab (14.5 %, 6 peoples, mostly nomadic), Kanuri-Saharan (14.1%, 8 peoples),Ouaddai-Fur (12 .7%, 21 peoples), Adamawa-Ubangi (7.3%, 21 peoples), Guera-Naba (4.4%, 6 peoples), Fulbe(2 .9 %), Other Sub-Saharan African ( 2.4%). Official Languages French, Arabic. All Languages 133.Economy An agricultural economy (80% farm or raise livestock). Economic growth hindered by lack of rainfall,severe drought, civil wars, distance from the sea, and poor infrastructure. Recent development of mineral and oil deposits helped growth, but corruption may cancel the benefits. 80% live below the poverty line. Politics A history of violence, coups, and rebel activity since independence from France in 1960. The Zaghawa tribe dominate the government, though set up as a democracy. The conflict in Darfur (Sudan) forced up to 400,000 refugees into eastern Chad, but brought aid money as well.

More About

1) Chad needs a stable and just government. The current regime struggles with violence and corruption. Some consider Chad the world’s most corrupt nation. Tribal rivalries and conflict between the north (Muslim) and south (Christian) create an unstable situation. Bandits and rebels from inside Chad and from Darfur disrupt economic progress and Christian ministry. Pray for a government that represents both north and south fairly, and that governs with honesty and commitment to all people in Chad.

 2) We must lift up the Church in prayer. Resentment between tribes prevents Christian witness and burdens many congregations. Most Protestant and Independent groups are evangelical, but they struggle to find unity. Christians disagree over questions about tribal initiation rites. African traditional religions regain influence as people return to African spiritual roots. Sects and secret societies lead believers into false teaching. Poverty, instability, violence, and lack of funds all hinder training of pastors and evangelists. Pray for freedom from all bondages by a work of the Holy Spirit in every congregation!

 3) Many Muslims have heard the good news! New groups of believers from Muslim backgrounds have emerged. Bible storytelling and Chadian Arabic Christian radio help spread the gospel in culturally relevant ways. Violence in nearby Darfur at the hands of other Muslims caused some to question Islam, and left them open to the loving ministry and witness of Christians. Still, Islam grows in numbers, and in financial and social influence. Pray that Christians will learn to reach out to the Muslims around them.

 4) Chad has more unreached peoples than any other African country, and very few Muslim-majority countries offer Christian workers such openness. There is great need in church planting, evangelism, Bible teaching, leadership development, and holistic ministry. Workers must prioritize Bible translation. Only 12 (out of over 120) language groups have the whole Bible translated. Radio ministry reaches many. Pray for programmes in the languages of the unreached. Pray especially for:

 • Th e Saharan peoples (Sunni Muslims), who dominate politics. They live mostly in the north and in larger towns. These groups are among Africa’s least evangelized, with only a few Christians among them.

 • The Ouaddai-Fur peoples (Muslim), who live in the eastern provinces near Sudan. Little evangelism happens here because of harsh living conditions, violence, language barriers, and lack of roads.

 • The Shuwa Arabs, who have influence in Chad. Their language is the main language of communication. Missionaries have made little outreach to them.

 • N’Djamena, the only large city in the country. Most ethnic groups live here. Th is is a great outreach opportunity for the Church, but most congregations focus on their own ethnic group. Pray for the thousands of Christians in N’Djamena to become effective witnesses.