Pray for Namibia




Pop 2 .2 million. Capital Windhoek (354,000). Christians 2 mill. Evangelical Christians 270,000. Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Ethnic religions. Largest Ethnic Groups Ovambo (43%), Afrikaans-speaking Coloured (mixed race) (9 %), Khoisan (8.9 %), Kwangali (7.9 %), Herero (7.6 %), Afrikaner (7.3%).Official Language English (few speak it, as most speak Afrikaans). All Languages 37. Economy Mining for diamonds, uranium, and other minerals provide signifcant income. Cattle ranching, fishing, and tourism also important. Many still live in deep poverty. Politics A former German colony (1883-1915 ). Then ruled by South Africa (1915 -1990). Independent after a long war that severely disrupted the economy and society. Multiparty democracy brought some stability. Member of British Commonwealth.

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1) Stability and economic progress followed independence in the 1990s, and Christians united in prayer at that time. But the country could fall into ethnic con?flict and economic collapse if good government and community harmony do not prevail. Pray that the nation’s leaders would address the gap between rich and poor, land ownership issues, and HIV/AIDS with wisdom and determination. People migrate to cities for work, but end up in shantytowns. Ovamboland (in the north) su?ffers the most poverty. Namibia suff?ers scars from its colonial past, from the legacy of apartheid, and from the terrorism before independence. Pray that in Christ both perpetrators and victims might find forgiveness and peace.

2) Namibia has experienced several historical movements to Christ. Lutheran and then Anglican missionaries gave birth to large denominations in the 19th century. Liberal theology and practices mixed with African spiritism confused many Christians, and weakened their faith. Charismatic fellowships brought new life, particularly to unreached areas and peoples. Pray for biblical faith to return to Namibia’s many churches. Pray for all to hear the gospel again, and for many to turn back to Christ.

 3) The less-evangelized peoples. Pray for:

 • The San (Bushmen). Cattle ranching and mining threaten their traditional semi-nomadic way of life. The sinful habits that can come with a settled life bring many down. Some churches work among the San peoples, but with little spiritual response. Pray for outreach specific to their nomadic lifestyle and strong animistic faith.

• The peoples of the Kavango and Caprivi Strip in the northeast. Many are animists. Several churches and missions work among them.

 • The Himba ( 5,000 ) and Dhimba (15 ,000 ), who live in the northeast and in southwest Angola. Most practise animism, though a few are Lutheran and Reformed Christians. Workers have nearly finished the Bible in Dhimba, and also Scripture songs in traditional Dhimba forms.