Pray for Angola




Pop 19 million. Capital Luanda(4.8mill). Christians 17.9 mill. Evangelical Christians 4.3 mill. Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Muslim. Largest Ethnic Groups Ovimbundu (25 .5 %), Mbundu (22 .9 %), Kongo (12 .9 %), Luvale (8.19%), Chokwe ( 5.0%), Mixed race (1.2%), Khoisan (0.6 %). Official Language Portuguese. All Languages 41. Economy Some of the world’s richest natural resources (oil, diamonds, minerals, farmland), but widespread poverty. Infrastructure devastated by war, but now rebuilding. Politics Former Portuguese colony (450 years). A Marxist coup ended colonial rule (1975 ). Civil war displaced millions. 900,000 died. Peace deal in 1990, but fighting 1998-2002. Parliamentary elections (which determined president) held in 2008. Some separatist fighting continues in Cabinda.

More About

1) Forty years of almost constant war (1962-2002) devastated Angola. Innocent civilians suffered most. Fighting destroyed roads, schools, hospitals, homes, and churches. Millions fled their homes. Land mines crippled over 80,000 people. 70-90% of the population live in poverty. Deep psychological, social, and spiritual wounds will require years to overcome. Praise God for peace, and the return of many to their homes.The Church helps lead the way to reconciliation as the country works to rebuild. 

2) Biblical Christianity grew, even amidst war and poverty!The first president, a Marxist, vowed to eradicate Christianity in 20 years. He failed! The number of evangelicals grew 4 times larger from 1990 to 2010 . The Church needs much prayer to overcome the wounds of conflict. Pray for forgiveness and love in action. Only a few congregations have trained pastors. False beliefs, ignorance of the Bible, witchcraft , and animistic practices pollute many lives and churches. Islam grows with its simple message and foreign financial support. Pray for Christian unity, holy living, and biblical faith. 

3) Young people and children. Marxism and war left a scarred generation, deprived of educational opportunity and physical security. This generation is the first in decades to know peace. Most of Angola’s Christians are under age 25. Pray for primary and secondary schools to be rebuilt,staffed, and full. 

4)  The foreign missionary presence was a good testimony during years of suffering. Ministries should now shift from aid/relief to development, and from evangelism to discipleship and training. Most missions work holistically, and minister to both physical and spiritual needs. Pray for ministries such as World Vision International, Samaritan’s Purse, and others, as they focus on primary health care, education, vocational training, and disease prevention.