Pray for Central African Republic




Pop 4.5 million. Capital Bangui (718,000). Christians 3.4 mill. Evangelical Christians 1.5 mill. Largest Religion Christian. Fastest Growing Religion Muslim. Largest Ethnic Groups About 80 ethnic groups. Adamawa-Ubangi (78.7%), Sudanic (6 .29 %), Sara-Bagirmi (4.9 %), Fulbe (3.6 %), Bantu (3.0%), Arab (2 .8%), Pygmy (0.3%). Official Languages French, Sango (trade language). All Languages 82 . Economy Rich in natural and mineral resources. Diamonds are 59 % of exports. Conflict has crippled potential development. A large economic difference between the rich capital city and poor outer regions. Politics Independent since 1960, but not fully free. A long history where periods of democracy are inter-spersed with military regimes. The ongoing rebellions and military coups slow progress. Confict between the Christian majority and Muslim minority has intensified amid the chaos since the 2013 coup.

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1) The Central African Republic (CAR) faces immense physical human needs. The long series of coups and counter-coups devastated the economy and infrastructure. The most recent coup caused a breakdown in law and order. Rebels executed opponents and looted homes. Community conflict now occurs along religious lines between Muslims and Christians. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. Pray for an end to the chaos, abuses, and destruction of this humanitarian crisis. Pray for God to establish peace throughout the country.

 2) Education, healthcare, and other vital services have almost stopped in this country. Many already suffer from malnourishment, a lack of clean water, AIDS and other diseases, and extreme poverty. Mission agencies play an important role in health, in education, and with children at risk, but also in church planting and Bible translation. Most workers evacuated during the 2013 crisis.

 3) Widespread evangelism brought massive numbers of converts to Christianity in the 1960s and 1970s, but smaller numbers truly live as disciples of Jesus. Many Christians do not affiliate with a church, and many church members do not understand or apply the truths of Scripture to their lives. The terrible acts committed by apparent Christians during the conflict shows a national lack of discipleship and Christian leadership. Only 2 indigenous languages have a fully translated Bible, with translation in progress for 7 more. Pray for Christians, especially spiritual leaders, to model godliness, trust, and forgiveness.

 4) The country has potential for massive church growth. e number of national missionaries and agencies increased, and new indigenous-led ministries emerged in recent years. After decades of neglect, a few groups now equip and send more women into ministry. Several new Christian radio stations help broadcast the gospel every week to millions of potential listeners. The Bangui Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (FATEB) was the first evangelical theological seminary for French-speaking Africa. Pray for its spiritual impact throughout the continent. Many are eager to study at this and other schools, but the lack of funds for students and staff holds back education. 

5) Th e CAR was one of the world’s most evangelized nations, but the upheavals here and in nearby Chad and Sudan mean the progress in some regions has reversed. Pray for all CAR denominations to send students for missionary training. Pray that those with training would resist the draw to serve as a city pastor and instead go to the unreached. Pray especially for the northern region, for the Runga (90%  Muslim), the Sara Kaba (50%Animist), and the Gula/Kara (65% Muslim). Muslims grew rapidly in influence, especially in the cities. Few Christians feel equipped to reach out to them.